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Top Flight is OPEN During Spring Break!!!! March 11-16

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Great place to learn gymnastics from instructors of passion, experience and care. They are truly a family and make everyone of us feel as if we are too! My girls love love being here!

Best place ever! Our daughter has really found a love of gymnastics with the team at Top Flight!

       What I appreciate most about Top Flight is that fun and friendship is important.  Coach Holly has empowered my daughter, on the TNT team, to have FUN while working hard to chase her dreams.  She believes in herself and undestands gymnastics is not about being perfect but about setting goals, doing her best and having fun.  I have seen a pronounced personal and emotional growth in my daughter since she joined Top Flight and Holly's team.  My non-competitve pre-schoolers also have a great time and look forward to the days they get to come to class.  I am so thankful to here at Top Flight!

Trina Hall

Dear Scott,

         Thank you for working with Becca and Rachel on their fly-away and also for taking the time on Saturday to work with them after practice.

       This once again shows Top Flight is not just your profession but your passion. Thanks for showing how important each girl is.

       I feel lucky to have my daughters part of the Top Flight Family


Sharon McNitt

Dear Scott,

       I want to thank you for a wonderful experiance in gymnastics the last 5 years. Because of you and your staff, Caroline has grown into a beautiful kid who is disciplined, respectful and expects great things in her life.

       Whenever I am asked about Top Flight, I always brag that you all expect the best out of your gymnasts, but you never forget the kid inside the gymnast's body.  You all always think about the kid first. To me, that is huge when looking for the perfect gym! you make coming to gym everyday fun and thats important. Thank you for being the layed back, goofy guy you are!


Janie, John, Caroline and Shelby

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