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Top Flight will be closed August 9th - August 15th for Registration Week

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Tuition and Policies

Top Flight Gymnastics Training Center Policies and Proceure

TUITION: Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month.  A late fee of $10 will be assessed after the 8th.

TFGTC sends out monthly billing statements by email. You are responsible for timely payment of your tuition whether you receive a statement or not. Monthly tuition is the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in the month.

It is based on an average of 4 classes per month through the calendar year. Tuition is not pro-rated for missed classes, nor is it refundable.

If your account becomes 30 days past due, your child’s spot will be forfeited and he/she will not be able to participate until the account is paid in full. Top Flight Gymnastics Training Center 2100 Crooked Lane PAYMENT: Payment may be submitted at the front desk, deposited in the payment box located in the parents’ observation room or mailed to Top Flight Gymnastics Training Center, 2100 Crooked Lane Blvd, Southlake TX 76092. TFGTC accepts cash, checks, money orders, VISA or MasterCard.

TRIAL CLASS: There is no charge for this initial class. Your child will have a spot reserved for 24 hours after trying the class. If the office has not been contacted during that time, your spot may be forfeited and given to the next person on the waiting list. Southlake, TX 76092 (817) 481-8188 REGISTRATION: There is an annul $30.00 registration fee due at the time of enrollment for every child who participates in the program.

WITHDRAWAL FROM CLASS: A 30 day notice must be given in writing. Failure to give this 30 day notice will result in the tuition being due immediately. Any remaining balance must be paid before a student can be re-enrolled.

RETURNED CHECK CHARGE: A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each returned check. The fee, along with the total of the returned check, must be paid in cash or money order. Class Schedule

PRIVATES: Students must be enrolled in a class to do privates with coaches. Private lessons are arranged on your own with the desired coach. The gym is not responsible for privates.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Every effort will be made to offer a make-up class for your child; however, there is no guarantee, due to classes being limited in size. Students have 30 days from the date of absence to make up the class. If your child does not attend the scheduled make-up, it will be forfeited and may not be rescheduled.

STUDENT PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS: Permission should be granted to TFGTC to use photos taken of your child during activities at the gym or off location events for publication, brochures, and general public relations

Registration Fees - $30 annual fee per child Monthly Class Tuition Rates efforts. For the safety and privacy of all of our students, no personal video or photography is allowed. If you have a special circumstance, please contact the office.

MEDICAL RELEASE INFORMATION: It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the instructor of any health risks, allergies or physical complaints of the child or any situation that the instructor may need to understand to better coach your child. The parent will keep any information current on the registration forms on file in the office.

DROP-OFF & PICK-UP: Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up children on time. TFGTC is only responsible for children while they are in the gym during their class time. Parents allowing their children to enter and exit the building unattended do so at their own risk. $10 discount for each additional class or hour (For example, 2 classes or hours = $140, 3 = $205, etc.)

DRESS ATTIRE: Please avoid clothing with buttons, snaps, hooks, zippers, or belts. All children are asked to have their hair pulled back with no hair bows. Jewelry is also discouraged during classes.

WEATHER DAYS: TFGTC follows the Southlake/Carroll School District weather policy for closure. We reserve the right to close for sudden, dangerous weather predictions after school has closed for the day or to open if conditions have greatly improved. There will be no make-ups for bad weather closings.

Monthly Class Tution Rates

1 class or hour per week    $90 monthly  Effective Jan. 2021

              $10 discount for each additional class or hour, (for example, 2 classes or hours = $170, 3 = $250 etc.)

These are the rates for the total class hours attended by all children in a family. (If a family member is on a Top Flight competitive team or squad, these class tuition rates apply only to other non-team family members or to any non-team classes taken by a team member.)

POLICY CHANGES: Top Flight Gymnastics Training Center reserves the right to change policies, waivers, or fees.

GYM FLOOR: Only students who are participating in the program are allowed on the gym floor. Children are only allowed on the gym floor under the direct supervision of a coach. Parents are not permitted on the gym floor unless instructed by a coach. However, parents are always welcome to watch their children in a designated area, which is located in the parents’ observation room. TFGTC asks that parents do not stand at the gate, due to the high traffic in this area with coaches and children entering and exiting the gym floor. Placement in any advanced level class requires an individual evaluation prior to a trial class.

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